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A warm welcome to Conscious Explorers!

Conscious Explorers is a community and knowledge hub for the lovers of adventures in the inner and outer realms of experience. Since a complete exploration of consciousness also has to include all aspects of the way we live Conscious Explorers covers a broad spectrum of topics. These including health, wellness, art, music, creativity, abundance, lucid dreaming, healing, self stainable living and cutting edge science. We are not affiliated with any one way of thinking. Instead we believe each individual should tailor their experience to what calls them to create a life that excites, invigorates and inspires.

This website has various sections. The blog has articles as of when they are written covering a wide range of topics. Personal accounts contains some of my own explorations with consciousness. I included these here as reading other peoples experiences is one of the top ways to initiate your own. The Explore section contains different ideas, videos and media for you to savour and see if it inspires you. You can also learn about Loop Busting Therapy a very fast and effective form of therapy that takes just a few sessions for a full result. If you would like guidance on how to improve the quality of your life or you would like to learn some techniques I am available for coaching. The Events link will take you to our Meetup page, though some special events are only available through our Facebook group. Finally the About tells you everything you would like to know about this group.

We have a wonderful community on our Facebook group where we explore and share experiences, techniques, ideas and all manner of creative expression related to consciousness and living consciously. Our aim is to educate each other with information that make our hearts sing and to help people reconnect to themselves when they are feeling blocked to the beauty of life. Everyone is a teacher and student alike. This is very open minded group and all positive ideas and suggestions are welcomed!

If this resonates and you would like to be part of our community please do join:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/consciousexplorers/

To ensure you get a place at our events please also join here and at the Conscious Explorers meet-up group.

Some of our favourite topics include:

  • How to raise your consciousness, heal yourself & really increase your quality of life through meditation, lucid dreaming, the out of body experience, energy work, psychic skills, remote viewing, shamanic journeying etc.
  • Personal Development: neuro-plasticity, neuroscience, NLP, self hypnosis etc
  • Cutting edge science: quantum physics, chaos theory, study of time and space etc.
  • Exploration of sound, tunings & frequencies. Isochronic tones, binaural beats, hemi-sync etc.
  • Sacred sites, crop circles, lay lines & sacred geometry.
  • Urban & rural adventure: exciting discovery, synchronicity, flow, symbolism, mystery, spontaneity & freedom.
  • The effects of food, plants, herbs, entheogen & other substances on consciousness & whether these effects can be replicated by the mind alone.
  • Exploration of healthy diets, such as raw, vegan, probiotic etc.
  • Techniques to keep mind body and soul in great shape: Tibetan Rites, Yoga, Qi Gong etc.
  • Living harmoniously with our environment: biomimicry, foraging, animal tracking, permaculture, eco sustainability, Earthships etc.
  • Astrology, planetary cycles & how they may effect us.
  • Exploration of relationships, clearing blocks & how to take immediate action to increase your quality of life.
  • Creativity: music, dance, film, art & any medium for free expression, inspiring others & being yourself.
  • Authentic positive manifesting.
  • Loop Busting Therapy
  • How to be happy!

Thank you for being part of our big conscious family and joining us on our adventure. Together with love and kindness I truly believe we can tip the energy of this planet so far into the positive that it changes the world for the better.

Much love  ♥ Caz